State of Nevada -- views by Rob Bamford, NDEP

A high-desert jewel, northeast Nevada remains today largely as it was 100 years ago, an untamed oasis of cattle and sheep country, fresh crystal clean air, vast unfenced ranges, pristine mountaintops and bountiful wildlife. 
Once thought of as a wasteland, it is looked upon as one of the last high-desert wilderness areas in the world.  In the midst of this solitary splendor, on April 7, 1959 the town was officially named Jackpot.  In its short history, Jackpot has evolved from a modest stop-over on US Highway 93 to a complete destination resort town, with nationally known entertainment at the front door and Old-West style adventure waiting at its back.
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(775) 755-2229
P.O. Box 549
Jackpot, NV,  89825

Jackpot Recreation & Visitor Center
(775) 755-2653
2395 Progressive Road
P.O. Box 627
Jackpot, NV. 89825

Last Update: 06/10/00