Rock Hounding:

For the Rock Hounds ( Lapidary ) Jackpot is just a short drive to a variety of gem stones. Below you will find a list of what can be found within a 35 mile radius of our town. If you travel south of Jackpot to the town of Contact (17 miles) you will find what is left of an old mining (gold, Silver, Copper) town. There are many mines still being worked on a small scale to this day. NOTE: Poking around old mines is extremely dangerous, and you will probably be trespassing. We recommend you only take photos, not souvenirs, and stay out of the buildings and mine shafts. 
Contact has families still living there, so please respect their privacy.

Gem Stone - Brief Description
Agate - Brown with pink, fog, plume, some with dendrites.
Chert - Flint - Gray, Black, Tan.
Obsidian - Black.
Sun Stone - Clear with translucent lemon color.
Opal - Nevada white.
Jasper - Yellow ochre, dark red.
Limb Cast - Pink
Petrified Wood - Agatetized, Jasperized, Opalized.

Above information provided courtesy of Bob Belkowski.

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